Ed wrote me a programme to follow and gave me a really simple nutrition plan to follow which wasn’t difficult or restricting so I could lose fat and still eat out and have a drink every now and again.

Catia Gomes

Training with Ed has been excellent. He helps me keep motivated and the results have been positive. My core strength has improved significantly and his tips on nutrition have been really useful. It’s difficult to keep up the gym with a hectic lifestyle but he has helped me find ways fit it in to my schedule. 

Romy Gill

ed pt pic2

To over 30lbs more muscle and healthier!

El flaco honduras

I used to be very skinny, weak and low in confidence.









b4 aks1

My client went from this.

after aks1

To this is in 8 weeks. 5kg lighter but much stronger!








I’ve worked with Ed for over a year now and I have lost fat and better yet he has given me the tools to KEEP IT OFF. I have built muscle which has given me the ‘toned’ look which I desired and I no longer have the back pain I used to have in the morning. I can do proper press ups now too which I NEVER thought I would be able to.

A. Khosla  









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