See my guts flutter from PEAnut butter!


What more can I say? Peanut butter. God knows who invented it (no I’m not going to google it) but the guy or gal must have been some kind of LEGEND. Things can get heated when chicos chat about PB. Man, I’ve seen beefs kick off on social network over PB. It’s that deep! Let’s be honest it’s rare to meet someone who doesn’t like PB unless you’re unfortunate enough to be allergic to them as quite a few people are or you’re just a bit strange. So if that’s you, sorry but this article ain’t for you.

Peanut butter has long been a classic pre bed bro food and PB just screams GAINZ doesn’t it. Seriously it is a good source of fats and it’s especially good if you’re trying to gain weight due to the fact it’s calorie dense. It’s fairly high in Vitamin E, biotin, Niacin, B-3, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc and copper. So it’s got a few nutrients in it also which is nice. My issue is a lot of PB on the shelves doesn’t look or taste like peanuts and it’s usually packed with sugar, salt and other crap like trans fats. No I don’t think that sugar is the devil reincarnated but why put sugar in something that doesn’t need it. Peanuts already taste great. Still with me? You better be mi hermano.

I usually buy 1kg (yes 1kg) tubs of peanut butter usually from Meridian for about ¬£5.50 so it’s actually cheaper than the other standard brands and it tastes like REAL peanuts and looks like them too. Personally I find it much more satisfying. A tablespoon and boom you don’t really crave more. Whereas lower quality brands make me want to eat the whole pot (which I guess is their aim). BTW I am not sponsored by Meridian it’s just the brand I’ve found to be best quality and value for money. The other cool thing about them is unlike other PB companies they don’t use palm oil which is cultivated in countries like Indonesia and the rainforests have to be cut down to grow this which is bad news for endangered animals like Cinta to your right (pobrecita as they say in Spanish!).¬†Cinta

O.k I reckon a few of you might not be bothered by the stuff I’ve said but I’ve got a sneaky feeling you might be bothered about macronutrients and calories? SO lets compare 100g of Meridian with 100g of Morrisons just an example.


596 kcals. 11.6g carbs. 29.6g protein. 46g fat.


618 kcals. 15.2g carbs. 49.8g fats. 24g protein. 5.5g of sugar and 1.1g of salt.

If you look at the macronutrient (protein, fats and carbs) levels it scores better and it’s even lower in calories so in my opinion it’s a win win situation. I haven’t got the facts to back this but I would also guess that it’s higher in nutrients too as Meridian use the whole skin which has nutrients in it too which lower quality PB don’t contain.

If you are trying to lose fat then you might want to try PB2. It’s powdered PB with 70% of the fat drained out, a lot LOWER in calories and to be fair it still tastes DEAD NICE. Quite pricey though as you might expect.

O.k to sum it up then. The reasons I would suggest buying a better quality peanut butter.

1. Lower in calories

2. Better macronutrient levels

3. Tastes better

4. Cheaper

6. More satisfying

7. Better for the environment 

So I’m sure you can see the advantages of buying a better quality peanut butter. I won’t judge if you prefer to eff with cheaper brands but I know which one I’ll soon be scoopin’ up in my spoon!


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