Busy person? No time for decent breakfast? This one’s for you!

Wake up, take a shower, get changed, get the kids ready. No time for breakfast?

I understand how it is.

I don’t have kids myself but I’ve watched my brothers and sister raise their 10 children and it is Hip Hop ya don’t stop!

This article I’ll give you a simple, tasty, nutritious breakfast you can make to suit your tastes. IT WILL PROBABLY HELP YOU GET LEANER TOO!

The world has changed so much in the last 15 years. We live in an internet, smart phone, high speed world where we’re constantly on the go. Most of us swallow a piece of toast and down a cup of builders for breakfast. Some of us just drink a coffee and puff a loose leaf cigarette. Not what Gwinnie would recommend!


Most of us know that a bowl of rice/corn covered in sugar with some semi skimmed on it or a piece of toast/pastry with butter and jam isn’t the most nutritious thing to start the day. If you know how I roll you’ll know I’m not a fan of labelling foods as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ but I think people could improve their health and how they feel by making a BETTER choice.

I’m not going to school you as I think most of us know that something like eggs, spinach and mushrooms on wholemeal toast would be a much ‘better’ choice. More nutrient dense, more protein, more filling, more fibre, more micronutrients. You get the picture! So why don’t we do it except maybe at the weekend?


Okay so I’m not going to bang on about priorities but I will give you some alternatives to try instead.

What do I suggest?

Protein smoothies!! 


Here’s one I make a lot as it’s easy and tasty. Banana, cocoa, spinach, almond milk and chocolate protein powder!!

They’re nutritious, full of essential amino acids, tasty, filling, less processed, high in fibre, aid fat loss (generally lower calorie), 2 or more of fruits/vegetables (which most of us need more of) and easy to make. You just need a blender, a type of milk, fruit and veg of choice and a protein powder. BOOM!

I like to use whey protein (I like isolate as concentrate makes me fart!) but you could use hemp or pea protein powder. Hell, you could even use greek yoghurt if you don’t like powders. I’d just like to point out that whey powder is 100% FINE. The milk in your fridge it’s 20% whey and it’s in loads of foods like malt loaf, hot chocolate and even Quavers. Yes those cheesy lumps of air!

 The cool thing is you can find and work with the flavours that YOU like, which is super important for adherence which intern is arguably the most important thing in a diet. I love chocolate so I buy chocolate protein powder and add cocoa powder to a lot of my shakes. There are so many flavours now you can choose and experiment or you can choose a flavourless whey if you like.

Okay so what goes in?

  1. Protein powder of choice.
  2. Milk. Trying to lose weight go for almond or coconut as they’re lower cal. Want to gain weight go for full fat milk.
  3. Fruit of choice. Bananas, kiwis, frozen berries and apples are my go to fruits. 
  4. Bland vegetable. I like fresh or frozen spinach but carrot, red peppers and beetroot can work well.
  5. Optional fat eg quality nut butter, avocado or a few nuts of choice. Remember fat is calorific (9kcals per gram) so take care with the fats if you’re trying to lose weight. 
  6. You could add sweetener if you like and if you want extra calories the shakes go well with oats.

My favourites (excuse the cheesy cliche names)


I saved up for a Vitamix but you can use most blenders.

Choco champ 

Chocolate whey isolate.

1 tblsp cocoa powder.

1 banana.

1 handful of spinach.

1 cup of almond milk

2 walnuts (optional)

Classic carrot

1 carrot

fresh ginger (thumb nail size)

1 apple

chocolate whey


Classic combo!

1cup almond milk

Berry go round

1 cup frozen berries

1 cup almond milk

chocolate whey

1 handful fresh spinach

1 tblsp cocoa powder.

Enjoy blending and even if you don’t make them for breakfast they work well as a superb snack!

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Strength and Salud




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